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1988: ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v01-1-3: FALL: History in the Making
  v01-1-5: FALL: For the Family Tree
  v01-2-8: WINTER: About our (EHS Trolley) Logo by:?
  HISTORY: EHS Trolley Logo By: Rev.T.Dwyer
1989: ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v01-3-2: SPRING: One Year Later
  v01-3-5: SPRING: Legacy
  v02-2-4: WINTER: In Memoriam: Ardell E. Nickels
  v03-1-5: SUMMER: St. Ita Parish, The True Story By: Sandee Remis & Gregg Mann
  v03-2-2: FALL/WINTER: Telling It Like It Was By: Sandee Remis
  v03-2-4: FALL/WINTER: A Lady Takes Her Leave By: Sandee Remis
1991: ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v04-1-4: SUMMER/FALL: Board Previews Bob's “Baby”
1993: ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v05-1-2: SPRING/SUMMER: The Uptown - Waiting in the Wings
  v05-3-2: SPRING: Postcard Memories By: Sandee Remis
  v05-3-4: SPRING: Memories of Mae By: Sandee Remis
  v06-1-3: SUMMER: All in the Family By: Sandee Remis
  v06-2-2: SUMMER: Roe's Hill Revisited By:Sandee Remis & Kathy Gamperlee
1996: ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v07-1-2: SPRING: To Be, or, Not to Be
  v07-1-7: SPRING: Ghosts?!
  v09-1-2: SPRING: Ten Years Later By: Kathryn Gemperle
  v09-2-2: Gunther Marx: FALL: A Gem of a Jeweler By: Sandee Remis
  v09-2-5: FALL: Making a Difference By: Kathy Gamperlee & Sandee Remis
  v11-2-01: SUMMER: The Church of Saint Ita By: Dorothy Julian
  v11-3-01: SUMMER/FALL: From the President: Hard Hat Party By: Kathy Gemperle
2002-2003: ARTICLES: By: Kathy Gemperle:
  v14-1-1: FALL/WINTER: From the President
Tom Dwyer, magician and computer guru was there in his Tuxedo and top hat
  v14-3-1: SUMMER: From the President
Tom Dwyer, the best computer expert and web master we could have ever found
2004-2005: ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v15-1-9: SUMMER 2004: How Does Our Garden Grow
  v16-1-9: SPRING 2005: Gardening Grant
  v16-3-4: FALL 2005: Flower Power
2006: Chicago International Tango Fest:
  2006.08.25 CI-Tango-Fest
2009: ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v20-3-13: FALL: The Versatile Vehicular Chair
  v26-4-1: WINTER: Edgewater’s First Trolley By: LeRoy Blommaert
  HISTORY: EHS Trolley Logo By: Rev.T.Dwyer
2016: ARTICLES: By: LeRoy Blommaert
  v27-2-1: SUMMER: The Edgewater Beach Hotel: From Idea to Reality
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