Betty Mayian, chair

ur latest meeting was held on October 10 at Jim Anderson's home, where we reviewed work done on the new EHS brochure. Pictures, graphics, paper style and layout were chosen. The brochures will be in trifold form, just perfect for inserts to meet specialized mailout requirements and requests.

arious Board members and others will use their writing talents on selected inserts. Subjects chosen for now include: the Edgewater Beach Hotel and Apartments, an Annual Home Tour History (one for each tour we have held), Cochran, and Rosehill Cemetery.

uring our Museum construction months to come, there will be some very unique events happening at the Fire House site. Watch for our announce-ments of Sunday Open Houses, that may include rehab workshops about the work in progress. At the completion of some major work milestone, there may also be some partying. We hope these ongoing events will draw interest -- and contributions -- from the community.

nother planned money-maker will be the creation and marketing of new and existing EHS posters. And late next year, watch for the 1999 EHS CALENDAR! This will be a must-have collector's item -- useful, beautiful and very keepable.

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