Carl Helbig, chair

Several smaller property-related projects had to be addressed over the last several months, in addition to the larger ones reported on elsewhere in this newsletter.

When it rained, you could see the water running down over the second floor landing of the Museum. The backside of the building was getting in terrible condition. The gutters had to be cleaned out, so we hired Jim's Sewer Service. He cleaned them, but had to make a hole in the cast iron pipe to rod the sewer out.

Students from St. Gregory's had done a great clean-up job on the backyard at our site last spring. There didn't seem to be any point in tending the garden during the summer, since we expected to have a contractor park his trailer and equipment there any day. But as days turned into weeks, something had to be done about the flourishing weeds, or EHS would be cited by the City for blight. My wife, Lorraine, and I finally chopped them down.

In addition to the towers on the roof, the City had left behind some locked file cabinets, but no keys. I got a locksmith to make two sets of keys, the St. Gregory's crew returned to help empty the contents of the cabinets, and Streets and Sanitation was contacted to pick up all the blue bags we filled. Those great boys and girls from St. Greg's also helped cut down a "nuisance" tree that was interfering with Com Ed reading our meter.

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