Sandee Remis, chair

Technological innovations certainly have their pros and cons. While historical societies, by their nature, love to dwell on the past, businesswise the Boards must consider present and future issues. With that in mind, Thomas J. Dwyer, a new EHS member with computer expertise, made a wonderful presentation to the Board as its January 17, 1998 meeting regarding our potential acquisition, design and maintenance of a website, either on our own or in conjunction with other societies.

Tom is in the process of exploring for us the possibility of a joint website with N.E.I.L. or the North Side Historical Society Alliance, two organizations in which EHS participates.

We wish to assure computer/Internetless EHS members that our appearance on the "information highway" would in no way impact publication of the Edgewater Notes or Edgewater Scrapbook in the regular newsprint format. We are simply considering an additional media vehicle to reach the younger generations, future members of EHS, who are more at home with a computer than probably most of our current members.

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