Betty Jaci

The Historic Sites Committee is still searching for members to help develop a list of historically significant buildings in Edgewater. Call Betty Jaci if you want to get involved. This is an ongoing research project.

The Bryn Mawr Historic District is under construction and many significant changes promise to improve the atmosphere of the street. First are the historic street lights which are taller and offer more light. The design hearkens back to the 1920's. Second is the elimination of some parking places and the widening of the sidewalks. This plan was influenced by the 1932 photo by Ray Jonas which the Bryn Mawr Committee has displayed in a storefront on Bryn Mawr. The photo is on loan to the committee from the Edgewater Historical Society.

Bryn Mawr had been widened some years back to accommodate traffic and parking. At the time it was a much celebrated improvement which alleviated congestion. Now, the need for a more pedestrian-friendly street has influenced the new changes.

The groundbreaking for construction of the Peirce School addition was held on March 9, 1998. The demolition of the two and three-flats on the adjacent property has been completed for some time and the protecting fence has been installed. History in the making!

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